Is now a good time to invest?

Updated: Jan 31

Now is as good as any to invest. The real truth is there is no ideal time to invest and that can be a challenge to get your head around if you’re new to investing, as there tends to be a lot of chatter when markets rise or fall. But, there’s a reason the phrase about ‘time in the market, not time to market’ is so well worn, because investments need time and that can mean weathering a few storms along the way.

Trying to time the markets with any certainty is an impossible task. When it comes to investing, the most important consideration should be that you are comfortable with the fact that you’re committing your money longer-term, because nothing will help your investment more than room to grow.

Do I have to invest everything at once?

Lump sum investing works for some, but if you don’t have a chunk of cash that you can afford to tie up, it’s possible to invest in smaller, affordable amounts on an ongoing basis.

Indeed, regular investing is a popular alternative for investors who understand the impossible task of timing the market.

Regular investing can help reduce the impact of market movements on your money (more commonly known as euro-cost averaging). If you invest regularly, for example once a month, it means that you are buying fewer shares for example when prices are higher and more shares when prices are lower. Long-term that can help you ‘average down’ the price you pay compared to investing all your money at a time when prices are higher.

Buying individual Shares v Managed Fund

You may consider yourself the next Warren Buffet when it comes to selecting shares or equities, but beware, amateur day trading is fraught with danger. There are simpler ways to invest your extra cash with the peace in mind knowing you've trusted investment managers managing your money.

If you've looking to outperform bank deposits and don't want to be up all night worrying about a single share going up or down I suggest you select a trusted brand or company in the investment market. You can set up a remote call with a qualified advisor quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home today. Access to experts is faster than ever with remote services available for free with all the major banks.

* This is not financial advice but my own views based on my experience in the industry. If you want advice I recommend you talk to a qualified advisor.

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